What is Reset Student Ministries?

Teenagers are looking for something they can call “their own”. We believe that their faith in God should be the same way. It is not enough for them to know “what” they believe, but “why” they believe! Then as an extension of owning their own faith they go out and share that faith.

People were created to worship and honor God, but because of sin, man’s “files” were “corrupted.” For this reason God sent Christ to bring a reset for people. Reset Student Ministries is designed to be place for students to experience the presence of God so that they may experience the reset God has for them.

At the same time it is designed to create a movement of students that carry the presence of God out into the world to help bring a reset to the lives of the people around them. We firmly believe that these students are not just “pew sitters” but rather anointed ministers of the gospel.

When Do we Meet?

We have Wednesday night services at 7pm. The 3rd Wednesday night of the month we have Crew Night, where students break down into small groups. We also have our Sunday morning Christian Ed classes that meet at 9:30 each Sunday.

We hope you enjoy this page.